There’s so much to do at the Expo!

Bring your kids and join the fun at the Outdoor Dog Fashion Show!


The 2020 Spokane Great Outdoors & Bike Expo has activities for kids of all ages, and our Kids’ Adventure Passport will help them explore games and age-appropriate activities throughout the event and take home a bag of outdoor adventure prizes, swag, and deals for parents and kids at the end. Passport activities include hands-on learning about wildlife, rock climbing, nerf archery, Strider bike demos, arts and crafts, s’more making, disc golf, games, rock splitting to look for real fossils, and more!


How it works: To participate, kids 12 and under need to pick up their Passport at the Out There Outdoors booth at the entrance to the Great Outdoors & Bike Expo. Once in hand, follow the instructions and find and try each of the activities highlighted in the passport and collect stamps from each activity station/exhibitor. Once all of the necessary stamps are collected, return to the Out There Outdoors booth to collect your free Adventure Passport Bag while they last!


We know the outdoors wouldn’t be complete without your four-legged BFF adventure buddy. To celebrate our canine outdoor friends, we’re hosting a dog show! It’s like the Purina TV dog show, northwest-style and less judge-y, and with a focus on outdoor gear and flair. You won’t have to super groom your dog. But you can win points for style and decking your hound out with outdoors-oriented apparel and gear like leashes, packs, collars, etc.